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ProQ Cold Smoking Starter Set

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ProQ Cold Smoking Starter Set – Everything you need to start food smoking

The ProQ Cold Smoking Starter set makes a great gift box for foodies, and is the perfect kit to learn how to cold smoke anything from cheese to fish & bacon.

  • Our Cold Smoking Starter Set is a great way to start your cold smoking adventure
  • This great gift contains almost everything you need to start smoking your own cheese, fish, butter and more
  • Original patented ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, which can be used in any BBQ with a lid, including gas BBQs, an old filing cabinet, a cardboard box with some dowels pushed through it or even one of our purpose built ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinets
  • Clear and concise information on all things smoking and curing in the book Smoking Food at Home by Jo Hampson

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What is included?

This kit includes:

  • Our patented ProQ Cold Smoke Generator
  • An in depth book on curing and cold smoking (Smoking Food at Home by Jo Hampson)
  • 2 types of wood dust for you to experiment with