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This means you would still have the grand appearance of a large inglenook where the fire is contained in a stove like a Dovre 2400.

As shown in the photograph to the right, the Dovre is freestanding and there is a choice of canopies available. The doors can be folded to the side to enjoy the large fire opening and then shut when the fire is left unattended.

This fire requires a 200mm (8 inch) diameter flue size, which is far more economical in comparison to using larger flue sizes.

For even better efficiency you could have a Clearview 650 as shown to the right in a really large inglenook that was built for the purpose with a 200mm (8 inch) pumice concrete flue liner.

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A few words about Building Regulations

It is a legal requirement that all chimney installations comply with the Building Regulations, which for England and Wales is explained in the Approved Document J. These are minimum requirements aimed at making sure installations are safe. There are also Planning Permission requirements, which are explained on the Regulations page.