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This is probably the best and quickest way to build a large fireplace. The firechest combined with an Isokern DM (double module) chimney block system really does take the guesswork out of trying to build a large fireplace and chimney. It is a proven design and matched to the right flue size.

The lightweight pumice concrete components interlock to create a robust fireplace recess and gather to support the chimney above. The

joints are sealed using lip glue jointing compound. Starting from a suitable foundation and constructional hearth, it would take two people less than an hour to assemble a complete firechest and gather.

The outside of the firechest can be clad in brick, stone or rendered block work to create the desired effect. Fired bricks are used to line the inside of the recess.

The built in flue damper is a unique and practical energy saving feature. It can control the draught up the flue, and when the fire is not in use it can be shut off to prevent heat loss up the flue.

The built in flue damper is a real bonus available with the Delta 500 and larger fire chests from the 950 upwards. In multi-fuel and wood burning installations the flue damper can be used to control the draft in the flue and avoid excessive heat loss when the fireplace is not being used. This is reflected in the SAP calculation for Document L. The inclusion of the damper will halve the chimney ventilation rate in the SAP calculation. It must not be installed with gas fires.

A few words about Building Regulations It is a legal requirement that all chimney installations comply with the Building Regulations, which for England and Wales is explained in the Approved Document J. These are minimum requirements aimed at making sure installations are safe. There are also Planning Permission requirements, which are explained on the Regulations page.