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Large Scale Commercial Chimney Liners

As specialists in chimney systems for large scale, commercial projects, we stock only the very best Schiedel ICS commercial chimney liners, pipes and brackets.

Experts in chimney systems and installations, our HETAs registered team is on hand to answer any of your questions about the build and maintenance of your commercial chimney. Whether you’re having a new commercial chimney system installed or are concerned your current commercial chimney liner is damaged, get in touch for advice and guidance from our team of trusted consultants.

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Installing your Commercial Chimney

At Topstak, we have eight teams of dedicated HETAS approved chimney installers. This means that, as well as supplying high quality commercial chimney parts, we’re also able to offer a full installation service.

From the initial design consultation to the final installation, we offer a thorough installation service to guarantee you receive a commercial chimney liner that is installed safely and operates optimally. From recommending the most appropriately sized flues to attaching the external rain cap terminal, with Topstak, every element of your chimney will be expertly designed and skilfully installed.

Find out more about our detailed chimney installation services.

Repairing your Commercial Chimney Liner

Noticing a fault in your chimney is the first step towards repair. If your stove is no longer producing an optimum amount of heat or you’ve noticed your chimney is releasing an unusual amount of smoke, it may be that your flue is damaged, blocked or decayed and may need replacing. With older commercial chimney liners, it is common to find that, over time, the hot smoke, acid and tar produced when burning your stove has eroded the inside of your chimney. However, thanks to our team of HETAs registered chimney experts, we are on hand to quickly diagnose the fault in your chimney and offer professional advice and service.

Get in touch with our team for further information about repairing your commercial chimney liner.