Metal Chimney Systems

Insulated Chimney Systems

Metal chimney systems provide a quick and economical way to install a chimney in a new or existing property. They feature a simple push fit or twist lock-jointing arrangement for rapid installation and have a comprehensive choice of pipe sections, bends and fittings.

Our ICS insulated metal chimney, often called "Class 1" is used for wood or multi-fuel burning stoves and open fires. It can also be used with oil or gas burning appliances. An insulated oil or K vent system is limited to use with certain types of oil-fired appliances and most gas appliances. A Twin wall or gas vent system is limited to use with gas fired appliances and certain types of oil burning appliances.

This system made to a very high quality standard is considered to be one of the best and most robust CE marked systems available. It has passed stringent performance testing and is featured in the HETAS list of approved chimney systems.

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