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10″ Seasoned Firewood Logs (1m3 Bulk Bag)

£144.99 inc. VAT

Bulk bag containing approximately 1 m³ of 10″ Seasoned Firewood.  A good mix of British hardwood logs such as Ash, Beech and Birch.



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Kindling Wood - Small Bag

We supply a mix of 16cm kindling sticks that are either produced from clean softwood pallets and crates, or from local softwood that is split on our new British made kindling machine.

Flamers Firelighters - Box of 200

Certainly Wood’s Flamers Natural Firelighters are untreated wax dipped fine wood shavings made from renewable, natural wood waste.  They are easy to light and have a strong, long burn.  Great for using in wood burning stoves, fireplaces, charcoal grills and any other kind of wood fire. Box contains 200 firelighters. Also available in boxes of 50.

Long Matches - Box of 90

Box of approx 90 11" Matches ideal for lighting a stove or BBQ.  Striking paper included on the end of the box.

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Please note, all lengths are a guide and may vary by plus or minus 10% due to the variance in cutting. When a bulk bag or loose fill logs are mentioned it means the logs are tipped loose into the bag or pickup, rather than being tightly stacked. The Biomass Energy Centre says “a cubic meter of loose volume equals about 0.66 cubic meter stacked volume”.