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Novitek Halti Premium 7-seater Hot Tub

The Halti Premium includes a separate filter pump, WiFi connectivity, LED backlit jets and a touch screen.

Prices from £13,995.00

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Novitek Halti Premium 7-seater Hot Tub

The Halti Premium includes the following over the standard Halti:

  • 3 x 2hp pumps
  • Separate filter pump
  • WiFi connectivity
  • LED backlit jets
  • Touch screen

SUPREME QUALITY Novitek® outdoor hot tubs are made using the best possible materials and components. Such features as the aluminum frame that distributes the mass of water evenly, the American Balboa control panel and ABS plastic base make the hot tub a long-lasting and stylish companion.

LOW OPERATING COSTS The hot tub’s polyurethane insulation and weatherproof insulating cover keep the water ready and operating costs low all year round.

EFFORTLESS USE The water of the outdoor hot tub needs to be changed only 2–4 times per year depending on the utilization rate. Thanks to fiber filters, a ozonator and chemicals, the water stays clean and clear for a long time.

LOW MAINTENANCE The inner surface of the outdoor hot tub is made of sanitary acrylic, which is a hard, glossy and easy to clean material, making the care of the surface very easy. The composite paneling retains its original color well, it is easy to keep clean and looks just as good after many years of use.

MADE FOR YOU Handmade in Finland, Novitek hot tubs are designed for northern conditions – they endure time, weather and take good care of their owner for decades. Order the best tub to fit your yard or terrace.


Size: 230 x 230 cm
Height: 102cm
Number of people: 7
Seating: 7
Massage jets: 58pcs
Massage pumps: 3 x 1.3kW
Filter pump: Combination
Heater: 3kW
Water volume: 1700l
Weight empty: 380kg
Electrical connection: 1 x 32A

Colour Options

Novitek Halti Premium 7-seater Hot Tub (4) £11,662.50

Additional information

Interior Colour

Alba, Silver Sterling, Pearl Shadow

Exterior Colour

Grey, Black, Brown