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AGA R7 150 Electric

The AGA R7 150 offers three cast-iron ovens with four different temperature settings as well as additional slow-cooking and warming ovens, and two independently controlled hotplates for true cooking flexibility. Available with a warming plate or a one-zone induction hob. Designed to be left on and always available for use, this radiant heat cooker provides a gentle, cosy warmth and is ready to cook whenever you are.

Prices from £17,870.00

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Fully electric, the AGA R7 150 is controllable, easy-to-use and offers a host of refined features for flexible cooking. The ovens are designed to be left on, so that they are always available for use. And provide a gentle warmth to keep your kitchen cosy.

A specialist Altrashell coating, which covers the cast-iron ovens of the R7 and eR7 models. This the new cooler-touch stainless steel door liners on the roasting, baking and simmering ovens, making them easier to clean. The new patented door liners can be removed and placed in the dishwasher.

The AGA R7 150 model offers the choice of a single zone induction hob, offering a safe, fast and efficient way to cook. Once the pan makes contact with the hob surface, the pan becomes the heat source so food is heated directly.


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