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Neptune Kitchens South Wales Showroom

We are delighted to be the premier Neptune Kitchens South Wales dealers and offer a choice of traditional kitchen styles, all of which have been carefully handmade to an incredibly high standard and offer great value for money.

Our Neptune Kitchens South Wales showroom features an extensive range of free-standing furniture, so you can get an idea of the look and feel of the Neptune traditional kitchen design. Kitchen design and installation services are also available, including a computer-generated rendering of a traditional kitchen with your desired layout.

Once you’ve picked out your favourite from our Neptune Kitchens South Wales dealership, you can choose to install the units yourself. Each traditional kitchen set comes with an individual fitting guide, pre-assembled units and various time saving features, such as adjustable feet and wall brackets, for optimal ease of installation.

Why Neptune kitchens, South Wales’ favourite bespoke kitchens?

The beauty of a traditional kitchen often comes from the fact that it’s a pleasure to cook in, and it makes your life easier in small, but incremental ways. All of the sets you’ll find in our Neptune Kitchens South Wales showroom have been designed with this in mind, putting your desired way of life at the centre of each creation. From the classic look to the unrivalled quality of the materials, these kitchens are destined to make you feel good.

Behind the design of the Neptune traditional kitchens

Each of the stunning Neptune traditional kitchens has been manufactured with great attention to detail. From the materials, sizes and shelving to the hinges and handles of every cabinet, the pieces in our Neptune Kitchens South Wales Showroom have all been tailored to be their very best for you.

But what truly makes these traditional kitchens warm and welcoming is the natural timber they’ve been made with. This classic, renewable material is inviting and tactile, making you instantly feel at ease in the room. You can rest assure that each of the sets in our Neptune Kitchens South Wales showroom has been made exclusively from solid, reliable wood.

Bringing together the beautiful design and the sturdy materials of each traditional kitchen are the signature Neptune joinery and manufacturing methods. When it comes to Neptune Kitchens South Wales, there’s no cutting corners – every piece has been made with great attention to detail, so it can stand the test of time.

Despite their different designs, each of the traditional kitchen collections in our Neptune Kitchens South Wales showroom can be considered a classic, thanks to their timeless elegance which is guaranteed to outlive passing trends.

Bespoke kitchens South Wales manufacturers

What makes a traditional kitchen from Neptune a success is the way each collection is designed to fit beautifully into a variety of homes, ranging from rustic cottages and townhouses to modern city apartments. The pieces you’ll find in our Neptune Kitchens South Wales showroom can all be tailored to suit any shape, size and décor.

Plus, you always have the choice to play around with different colour, hardware and floor options, as well as a multitude of layouts and cabinetry combinations to create your own personalised take on the Neptune traditional kitchen.

The Neptune Kitchens South Wales Dealership Collections

Our Neptune Kitchens South Wales showroom is home to a selection of beautiful timber kitchens, so you are guaranteed to find a set that suits your tastes. The hand-painted Chichester is by far the most traditional kitchen, featuring classic country elements and understated decorative details.

Meanwhile, the Suffolk is the minimalist representative from our Neptune Kitchens South Wales dealership collections. Clean and practical, it’s the perfect traditional kitchen for homeowners who believe less is more.

Last, but not least, we have the versatile Henley. Beautiful as both a traditional kitchen and a contemporary masterpiece, the Henley is the only set in our Neptune Kitchens South Wales showroom which has oak cabinetry, allowing you the choice between having a kitchen entirely in oak, or mixing the timber with paint.