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22 . 02 . 2021

Building a New Chimney: Pumice Flue Liners Vs Flue Blocks

Where to Begin When Building a Chimney

If you want the warmth and character of a traditional wood burning stove, you’ll first need to choose what type of chimney you want to install or build. After all, you can’t have one without the other!

Whether you want to replace an existing chimney system or build a new one entirely, you’ll want to consider the material and size of the chimney you choose to ensure it aligns with the needs of both your home and wood burning stove.

Choosing a Type of Chimney Construction

Did you know that the material of the chimney you choose can impact the performance and efficiency of your stove?

If you want your stove to produce an optimal amount of heat and perform at its most efficient level, we’d recommend choosing a pumice chimney construction. As a natural insulator, pumice allows flue gases to quickly escape to the atmosphere, which, in turn, enables your heating appliance to achieve optimum performance. What’s more, due to its insulating properties, pumice keeps your chimney warmer for longer, continuing to heat your home long after the fire has gone out. As it has very little expansion and contraction with temperature, pumice even reduces the possibility of cracking or structural damage, which may occur with other forms of chimney construction.

The size of the chimney you choose will depend on the size of your stove. We’d recommend checking the manual of your stove to determine the internal diameter of chimney your stove will require.

Pumice Flue Liners

The most economical of chimney systems, pumice flue liners offer excellent resistance to temperature variations, ensuring maximal performance from your appliance. Designed with efficiency in mind, the Isokern Pumice Flue Liner comes with T Liners, Liner Support Blocks and Adaptors included, making for easy connection between the chimney and stove. During chimney construction, pumice flue liners will be surrounded by insulation then stone, brick or block, giving your chimney a finished appearance.

Available in a huge range of diameters from 150mm to 1000mm, pumice flue liners are a great, versatile option when building a chimney.

Pumice Flue Blocks

If you want a chimney system that will be quick to install, pumice flue blocks such as the Isokern Double Modular System will be the best option for you. Extremely lightweight and easy to handle, pumice flue blocks make for effortless installation. What’s more, during chimney construction, the outer and inner blocks are laid with staggered joints for both safety and stability.

With three Isokern Double Modular Systems available in a range of internal diameters, pumice flue blocks are able to efficiently meet the requirements of different appliances, homes and uses.

Need more help deciding?

Whether you choose the Isokern Pumice Flue Liners or the Isokern Double Modular System, both can be used to build a chimney that is well insulated and resistant to damage.

If you’re still not sure which type of chimney construction will best suit your home and stove, get in touch with our team at Topstak. As a HETAS registered team, we’re able to provide a full technical service for your chimney installation including bespoke layout drawings, guaranteeing the type of chimney you choose will be suitable for your home.

22 . 02 . 2021