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3 . 08 . 2019

Clean burn with Topstak

With the need to reduce emissions in order to address the pressing issue of a changing climate, Topstak is playing a key role in the Woodsure Ready to Burn scheme.

The family-run company, with showrooms in the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouth, produces its own approved wood fuels at its facilities just outside Cowbridge. Woodsure, the government-backed scheme sets a benchmark for logs and other wood fuels in the UK to help identify wood that has been carefully chosen and ready to burn. The logo reassures consumers the fuel contains less than 20% moisture to reduce smoke and PM2.5 particulate emissions which contribute to air pollution.

Adam Pedersen, director at Topstak says, “Burning wet wood is inefficient as it demands a lot of heat to boil off the water before the appliance can give out the proper level of heat to the room, hot water or heating system. In turn, this creates a lot of smoke which damages the chimney, blackens the appliance and contributes to air pollution. Dry wood that has been seasoned or kiln dried to a moisture content below 20% means it produces fewer particulates, more heat efficiency and less maintenance – chimneys are also less likely to build up creosote deposits and will remain easier to sweep.”

“The Ready to Burn stamp of approval reassures those who purchase logs with its logo that they comply with current standards.”

“To make sure our wood is ready to burn we have checks in place to ensure moisture content is below 20%: currently our kiln dried wood fuel has a moisture content of around 14%,” he adds. “We source our roundwood from west Wales and this is processed at our facilities near Cowbridge into 10” or 14” logs. The logs are then dried in a biomass kiln and delivered locally on our vehicles, meaning our supply chain has a low carbon footprint.”

“With air pollution a growing concern for many, we are working to educate consumers how they can reduce their emissions by switching from an open fire or old stove to a more efficient modern Ecodesign Ready stove and making sure they burn properly seasoned or dried wood.”

Topstak is also registered with HETAS, the industry regulator, and the entire team is trained to its stringent standards.
Adam says: “Being registered with HETAS is essential to us, as it’s a guarantee of a high level of service to our customers. They are assured that their stoves are being installed by an experienced and reputable company and one which adheres to industry regulations.”

Bruce Allen, CEO of HETAS says, “Stoves have become more sophisticated pieces of equipment, as manufacturers develop ways to make their appliances more efficient and cleaner burning. Even consumers accustomed to solid fuel appliances may need to refresh their knowledge when using a modern, advanced appliance. Topstak’s continued support for HETAS is welcomed.”

For more information on Topstak’s showroom and services, call 01446 771567 or look up For more information on Woodsure and Ready to Burn please visit and

3 . 08 . 2019