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14 . 09 . 2021

Dreaming of authentic Italian wood-fired pizza with the new Etna Pizza Oven

Nothing smells better than a wood-fired pizza as it cooks.  The aroma conjures up memories of holidays in Italy, warmth and sunshine. Thanks to Topstak stocking the fabulous artisan Etna Ovens, you can now conjure up a small piece of Italy in your own garden. The Etna oven is the brainchild of a UK-based Sicilian family, homesick for the delights of the wood fired oven back home, where they are a staple of family life.  Not even a BBQ can conjure up the specific flavour and atmosphere created by a wood fired oven, so Etna Ovens was born.

The Etna 600 modular design has been split into three separate parts for ease  of assembly.  These parts are: the cooking floor, the inner dome, and the outer cap.  Each piece can be lifted easily, so there’s no need for a strongman team or lifting equipment to put your oven together.

Topstak staff are on hand in the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouth showrooms, to talk you through the oven, and how it operates.  Details such as how to cure the oven before you cook for the first time will be explained, ensuring that your inaugural feast on your Etna Stove will be a happy, sociable and tasty one. While the Etna oven can be used all year for cooking on, a cover is recommended to protect it from harsh winter weather.  Summer rain will do it no harm, however, as the oven is well-designed and robustly built.


It comes with a five-year guarantee. Please feel free to pop into our showrooms and have a look.


Topstak, Vale of Glamorgan – Tel: 01446 77156,

Topstak, Monmouth: 01600 711710,

14 . 09 . 2021