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5 . 11 . 2020

Find this year’s Christmas Tree at Topstak

Supplying real Christmas trees in South Wales

This year, you won’t need to brace the winter weather to collect your tree from a Christmas tree farm. That’s because, at Topstak, we will have a huge selection of real Christmas trees displayed in our showrooms and available to buy online. All of our trees are grown at Gower Christmas Trees, near Swansea, where they receive a ‘kite mark’ of approval from the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. This means you are guaranteed to receive a tree that has been expertly grown and freshly cut.

Not only stocking real Christmas trees in South Wales, but also offering Christmas tree delivery, Topstak is here to help you prepare for the upcoming festive season.


How to choose the Christmas tree for you

With so many fresh and healthy Christmas trees to choose from, it can be difficult to know what kind is right for you and your home. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose your tree.

Considering the type of Christmas tree

We will be stocking both Nordmann Fir and Fraser Fir trees that are all grown and cared for in South Wales. Nordmann Fir trees are the most popular type of Christmas tree in the UK, thanks to their symmetrical shape and strong branches, making them easy to decorate at home. However, our Fraser Fir trees offer a traditional cone shape and a long lasting, deep fragrance, bringing that classic Christmas aroma into your home. Both trees have fantastic needle retention and will be available for delivery through Topstak.

Measuring the size of the Christmas tree

Once you’ve chosen the type of Christmas tree you want, it’s important you choose a size that’s proportionate to your home. While it may be tempting to get the biggest tree available, you need to consider the ceiling height in your house and how much space you have available. Whether you want a 4-5ft Nordmann Fir or a 7-8ft Fraser Fir, we will be supplying real Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes.


What to do once your Christmas tree is home

Chosen the type of tree you want to get but not sure how you’ll care for it once it arrives? Take a look at our top tips on caring for your tree at home.

Keep it cool and fresh

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association suggests that a real Christmas tree will last approximately six weeks inside before it begins to lose its fresh appearance, which is why we recommend keeping your tree outside until you’re ready to bring it in to decorate. This way your tree will stay fresh for longer and be more likely to last throughout the Christmas period.

Choose where to put it

It is likely that you already have a spot in mind for your real Christmas tree, however there are a few important points to consider. It’s important you place your tree away from any heat sources such as radiators, stoves and open fires to avoid any potential fire risk and heat damage. If you have young children or boisterous animals, it is also best to consider placing your tree where it will be out of the way and less likely to be knocked over.

Water it regularly

Before setting up your real Christmas tree, we’d recommend cutting a small section from the bottom of the trunk, just as you’d trim the stems on flowers before placing them in a vase. This will allow the water to more effectively soak into the trunk. However, if your tree is container grown you will simply need to water the tree while it’s in the container. Both types of tree need regular, daily watering to keep them looking fresh and healthy throughout Christmas.

Trim it if needed

While your tree will be grown and delivered with expert care, it may be that a few of the lower branches are too long for the space you have available. In this event, simply trim the branches that don’t quite fit. This won’t harm the tree in any way and will guarantee your tree slots perfectly into your home.


Once your tree is in place and sufficiently watered, all that’s left to do is start decorating.

While we’ll be supplying real Christmas trees in South Wales, we will also be available if you need further advice on choosing and looking after your Christmas tree. Contact us here.

Otherwise, have a Merry Christmas, from all the team at Topstak!

5 . 11 . 2020