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23 . 03 . 2021

Global innovation comes to Topstak

Topstak is delighted to announce that the world’s first pivoting gas fire is now on display– we are the first showroom in the UK, and only the second in the world to showcase this magnificent new fire.

The Gyrofocus gas fire by Focus Creations (centre in photo) is a global sensation with its sculptural good looks, and ability to exude warmth throughout the whole room, thanks to its unique ability to pivot. This spectacular system allows everyone equal access to the cosy warmth of the flames.

An innovative system brings the gas down to the fire via a sealed pipe, to the suspended fireplace – a stunning technological feat that has been patented. This spectacular fireplace is available in black as illustrated or white.

The new fire is odourless and releases no particle emissions – thereby meeting environmental standards. Thanks to its ease of use, the Gyrofocus gas fire can be used in any environment, from an urban apartment to a boutique hotel.

The Gyrofocus Gas is available in natural gas or LPG and is equipped with a remote control system. Instant ignition and controllability mean that the heat and flame intensity can be adjusted easily, allowing for instant, controlled and constant temperatures. Other Focus Fires on live display include the wordburning Slimfocus and Edofocus which are both Ecodesign ready.

Information on our other products

If you’d like to view our wide range of products – including lighting, lamps, flooring, firepits and cookware – please have a look through our web site, and then use our click and collect option (the zone is located outside, at the front of the showroom) – simply order over the phone or select click and collect on ‘checkout’ on our website.

*Our remote stove surveys have also proved to be very successful, and are still available free-of-charge in 2021.

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23 . 03 . 2021