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1 . 09 . 2022

Topstak Stars on Channel 4

Topstak has helped a couple transform their home on the popular Channel 4 show ‘Worst House on the Street’.

As part of the transformation of a tired and run-down 1830s cottage in Glais, Swansea into a ‘forever home’, Topstak supplied a beautiful Chesney’s double-sided woodburning stove.

The aim of ‘Worst House on the Street’ is to buy the most rundown home, renovate it, and attempt to make a profit.

Trained accountants, Tim and Laura, along with their infant daughter, Grace, appeared on the show, and were ‘speechless’ at the success of the renovation.

Programme hosts, Scarlette and Stuart Douglas, who have years of experience in property renovation, described the property as a “diamond in the rough, with a lot of rough.” However, they both admitted that the house “could be beautiful”,  if a lot of work went into doing it up.

Tim and Laura bought the house for £302,000, a significant drop from its advertised price of £320,000. After the spectacular renovation, it was then valued at £485,000 – giving the family a profit of £76,000, after the renovation costs were taken into account.

The Chesney’s ‘Salisbury’ double-sided stove supplied by Topstak made a key feature in two rooms – casting warmth and light and comfort into the once gloomy spaces.

Here are the details, if you’d like to emulate Tim and Laura’s success.

The Chesney’s Salisbury is available as a double sided 8 kilowatt wood burning stove (4kW to each side), for larger rooms that require an increased heat output. Supplied as standard with a black finish, at a cost of £2,489.00. Other colours are available at an additional cost of £125: Atlantic Blue / Sage Green / Silver.

Please visit our showrooms in the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouth to see this stove, and a host of others, in situ.  Many are alight to give an impression of how they will look in your home.

If you’d like to chat, please call us on :

Topstak Vale of Glamorgan: 01446 771567

Topstak Monmouth 01600 7117110

1 . 09 . 2022