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Professional Stove Installation Advice

With 25 years of experience and a team  of HETAS registered installers, the staff at Topstak have the knowledge needed to offer comprehensive stove installation advice. Committed to providing unbeatable service and guidance, Topstak are always on hand to help with your Topstak stove installation. Renowned for offering premium woodburning stove installations in South Wales, the team at Topstak are considered true specialists in the field of stoves, chimneys and fireplaces.

Here at Topstak, we can supply you with everything you need to operate your stove, including fuel, accessories and chimney sweeping recommendations. Click here to view our installation portfolio.

Installation Process

With more than eight professional and qualified fitting teams, Topstak can have your stove installed and running as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re having a full fireplace built or a new chimney system installed, Topstak are able to offer support and advice throughout the stove installation process. Dedicated to leaving every customer satisfied with their installation and confident to use their stove, Topstak will also run through the operation of each stove once it’s been fitted.

With every successful installation, Topstak will assess the setup of the stove and provide a HETAS certificate of completion, stating that the stove installed meets all regulations and is completely safe to operate.

Contact our team for further stove installation advice.