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Charnwood C-Five Duo Multi-Fuel Stove in Black

£1,782.00 inc. VAT

The Stove is DEFRA Approved allowing wood burning in smoke controlled areas and is also Ecodesign ready and exceeds the 2022 EU directives for reduced particulates and emissions.


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Charnwood C5 Duo Multi-fuel Stove

A multi-fuel version of the C-Five. Fitted with a fixed grate the stove burns wood and mineral fuels equally well with high efficiency and low emissions.

Charnwood C5 Duo Features

  • Fixed grate for burning solid fuel
  • Clean burn air wash technology
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
  • DEFRA exempt for burning wood in smoke control areas
  • Sliding ashpan for clean and easy ash removal

Size and Weight

  • Top or Rear 125mm (5″) dia
  • Maximum log length: 300 mm (12″)
  • Minimum distance to combustibles: side 500mm
  • Minimum distance to combustibles: rear 400mm
  • Weight (low legs version) : 96kg
  • Weight (store stand version) : 104kg
  • Weigh (high legs version) : 99.5kg

Charnwood CFive dimensions

Energy Output

  • Rated output: 5kW to room (range 2-5.5kW)
  • Net Efficiency: 84.2% Wood, 80.3% Solid Fuel


  • Flue boiler
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
  • Rear heatshield
  • Store stand and high legs
  • Choice of eight colours