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Premium Chesneys Stoves

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium stoves, Chesneys are known for their expert craftsmanship and luxury products. Focusing on combining beautiful designs with optimal functionality, Chesneys’ stoves have been created to provide both efficient heat and sophisticated style. With a ten-year guarantee on all of Chesneys’ stoves, you can trust your Chesneys stove has been built to last.

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Chesneys Stove Types

With wood burning, multifuel, gas and electric stoves available, Chesneys aim to provide each of their stoves with the ability to transform a space. Creating both traditional and contemporary designs, Chesneys’ range of premium stoves are each crafted from the finest materials available. Whether you want the rustic charm of a Chesneys wood burning stove, or the ease and efficiency of a Chesneys gas or electric stove, we stock a selection of Chesneys stoves to choose from.

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Chesneys’ Climate Friendly Stoves

Dedicated to innovating the industry, Chesneys have continued to develop their advanced stove designs to include award-winning clean burn and air wash technology. This means that each Chesneys stove works to reduce the emissions it produces, by reigniting and burning off any harmful particulates that would otherwise escape. Prioritising efficiency, Chesneys continues to use this ground-breaking technology to provide stoves that are considered to be one of the cleanest ways of heating your home.

How this technology works can visually be seen on the glass window of each Chesneys wood burning stove. With their air wash technology implemented, the glass window on each stove stays clean and clear, allowing you to view the flickering flames inside, with minimal maintenance required.

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Choosing a Chesneys Stove

With so many Chesneys stoves available in varying styles, sizes and fuel types, we understand the challenge that comes with having to pick just one. That’s why we developed our Topstak stove selector. Simply input your preferences and any relevant details, and we’ll recommend the Chesneys stove that we think will best suit you and your home.

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