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Everhot Electric Heater without Oven

£1,225.00 inc. VAT

The Everhot Electric Heater simply plugs into a 13amp socket in a bedroom, home office, garden room or campervan. A 1.5kW heating element is easily controlled from a dial on the front of the Heater. The beautifully crafted heat vent gently warms the room as the body of the Heater comes up to temperature. The heat storage construction is designed to be left on for long periods and will stay warm long after the Heater has been turned off.

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The Everhot Electric Heater brings a cosy charm to any room needing additional warmth, but without the need for an oven. Its timeless design will emphasise an unused fireplace or bring character to the corner of a bedroom. Still featuring Everhots traditional heavyweight steel and cast iron build, the Everhot Electric Heater is slightly lighter than the Stove model and, with a fixed door, is easier to move from room to room as needed.


Slightly lighter than the original Stove design, the Everhot Electric Heater retains their heat storage construction expertise but can be more easily moved from room to room. Allowing you to warm one room without the expense of turning on the central heating for the whole house or take it on holiday in your campervan!


The beautifully crafted heat vent is the main heat source for the Heater and we recommend that you do not cover this area. Shortly after turning on the Heater you’ll begin to feel heat coming directly through this vent. After around 30 minutes the main body of the Heater will be up to temperature and will radiate gentle warmth into the room.


The Everhot Heater is explicitly designed for longevity and reliability. Along with its low peak load this has the additional benefit that it is ideal for use with home solar energy installations as a solar dump where excess energy would otherwise be exported.


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Click here to download the Everhot Electric Heater specification sheet.

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