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Wood Effect Concrete Beams

To complete the set-up of your fireplace mantle and traditionally frame your stove, you will want to install a wood beam across the top of your fireplace. However, in order to abide by current regulations, wood beams need to be a certain distance from your stove, which may be unachievable in the space you have available. That’s why Topstak supplies false fireplace beams, which are made from non-combustible reinforced concrete. Our wood effect concrete beams have all the knots and features of real wood, without the potential high hazard risk that comes with placing real wood next to your stove.

For a safe yet attractive fireplace mantle, we always recommend our wood effect concrete beams.

Benefits of a False Fireplace Beam

The challenge that usually arises when fitting a fireplace beam is installing it at a suitable distance from the stove as to avoid heat damage. With a standard wood beam, there would need to be precautions put in place to ensure it had minimal heat impact and was a suitable distance away from the stove and flue pipe. However, thanks to Topstak’s range of wood effect concrete beams, your fireplace beam can be placed as close to your stove as you would like, without compromising the quality of the beam or the safety of your stove. Our concrete fireplace mantles are non-combustible, minimising risk while still supplying you with that rustic wood appearance.

Fireplace Mantle Specifications

Topstak stocks a range of fireplace mantles in a variety of wood effects such as light oak and dark oak. With standard widths of beams including 48″, 54″ and 60″, Topstak can supply a fireplace beam to fit the size and design of any home.

Simply, choose the wood effect and size of beam you want, and Topstak will handle the rest.

Get in touch for a quote on one of our wood effect concrete beams.