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Topstak’s BBQ Accessories

At Topstak, we are passionate about covering all bases, which is why we supply such a vast selection of barbecue accessories. Whether you need pans, utensils, or charcoal, Topstak stocks BBQ accessories to meet all of your outdoor culinary needs. From preparing your food, to lighting your barbecue, to storing your appliances for winter, Topstak can provide you with products for every BBQ use.

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Cooking Accessories and Utensils

Topstak has all the BBQ accessories you need for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

To prepare your food, we have a range of chopping boards and utensils, designed to make cooking on your barbecue as simple as possible. With essential products such as kitchen shears, spatulas and tongs, why not stock up on barbecue accessories with Topstak?

Whether you want to cook up a classic BBQ feast, or make a homemade pizza, we supply all the accessories you need for cooking on your barbecue. With a range of barbecue grids, enamel pots and cooking pans, Topstak stocks a vast supply of additional accessories and features to boost the abilities of your barbecue.

Barbecue Fuel

For a clean and efficient burn, explore our range of charcoal and coal. From the Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal, to our Restaurant grade 100% Natural Lump Charcoal, Topstak has a selection of branded fuel types that produce minimal smoke when burning.

To add certain scents and tastes to your barbecue burn, take a look at the Big Green Egg’s selection of smoking chips and choose from pecan, cherry and apple smoking chunks. Completely natural and free from toxins, this range of smoking chunks will help give your barbecue a unique aroma.

BBQ Covers

Protect your barbecue when not in use with one of our waterproof and durable BBQ covers. Supplying a selection of branded covers, each cover has been made to fit a specific barbecue design, providing full protection all year round.

To find the cover that fits your barbecue, browse our collection of BBQ accessories.