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Topstak’s Outdoor BBQs and Pizza Ovens

Enhance your garden with one of our outdoor cooking appliances. With barbecues, pizza ovens and hybrid products that combine both features into one, Topstak can provide you with a variety of outdoor cooking ideas. To guarantee you receive a high-quality product that continues your dining experience outside your home, Topstak have partnered with a selection of exceptional manufacturers including Everdure by Heston Blumenthal, the Big Green Egg and Chesneys HEAT.

If you’re looking for an outdoor barbecue or pizza oven in South Wales, visit one of our Topstak showrooms. 

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is committed to combining timeless designs with impeccable flavour. From his expertise as a Michelin star chef, Heston Blumenthal has created a range of fast fire gas barbecues and traditional charcoal barbecues, prioritising taste, function and design, all at the same time. From large units such as the Everdure HUB Electric Ignition BBQ which includes a rotisserie function, to the compact Everdure CUBE Portable BBQ which is perfect for camping, this brand stocks a variety of sizes, ignition types, designs and colours.

So that you can truly take the kitchen experience outside, we also stock an Everdure Prep Kitchen Unit. With fitted wheels, a removeable workbench and a pull-out bin, this transportable kitchen unit will prove to be the perfect addition to any outdoor cooking area. With Everdure by Heston Blumenthal, you can fully immerse yourself in garden dining.

Check out the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is renowned for its multifunctional ability as it allows you to grill, roast, smoke and bake a huge selection of foods. With temperatures ranging from 80-400C, the Big Green Egg remains unmatched in its cooking capabilities. Available in five sizes from the MiniMax to the XX-Large, you can choose between cooking up a simple meal for two, to hosting an extensive dinner for friends.

To make the most out of your Big Green Egg, we stock a selection of Big Green Egg cooking surfaces including baking stones, paella pans and cast-iron searing grids, so you can expand your culinary potential to an unbeatable level.

Explore the Big Green Egg range.

Chesneys Heat & Grill

The Chesneys Heat & Grill is an award-winning dual function heater barbecue. As the first product of its type, Chesneys set the bar high with a product that has the ability to perform as both a garden heater and an outdoor barbecue. However, if you don’t fancy a burger or a sausage, it can even become an outdoor pizza oven. Simply place your pizza stone on the grill and close the lid to create a perfect homemade pizza. With sleek designs, innovative technology and a wide selection of features across every product, Chesneys are also committed to ensuring their appliances are fuel efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here at Topstak, we believe Chesneys ticks all the boxes for creating a warm outdoor atmosphere filled with well prepared food. Take a look for yourself.