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Schiedel’s ICID Twin Wall chimney systems are renowned for their innovative design and progressive technology, with Schiedel continuing to make ground-breaking developments in every system they produce. The Schiedel ICID Plus range has been designed as their latest 3-in-1 twin wall flue system. Adaptable for use with dry, wet and positive pressure applications, this particular Schiedel chimney system has evolved into an inventive multi-application system.

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Schiedel ICID Plus features

Secured through a twist-lock bayonet jointing system with an outer locking band, the Schiedel ICID Plus has been engineered with an outer, load-bearing case and inner, expandable liner. Designed so that the inner liner is free to expand, Schiedel have created a twin wall flue system which has maximal thermal expansion throughout every joint in the system. Made completely from stainless steel, the ICID Schiedel chimney systems have advanced corrosion resistant technology and low external case temperature.

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Applications of a Schiedel ICID chimney

The Schiedel ICID Twin Wall Flue System has been designed for use with traditional stoves, pellet stoves, biomass appliances and condensing boilers. For dry applications, the Schiedel chimney system is able to operate with either open or closed fires, at an average temperature of 450°C. However, for wet applications, the twin wall flue system is able to continuously operate at up to 200°C with condensing gas and oil appliances.

Schiedel’s award winning technology

As part of their insulated flue liner for chimneys, Schiedel developed the ICID Plus Double Wall Adjustable Starter Section, inventing a faster and easier way to install and disconnect a stove for inspection. Dedicated to simplifying the installation process of their products, Schiedel went on to be awarded the Best Flueing and Ventilation Product at Hearth and Home 2017, for their ground-breaking advancements in chimney system design.

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