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10 . 08 . 2021

Schiedel ICID Plus: Install a stove without a chimney

Installing a stove in a chimneyless home

In the UK, the majority of new build homes have said goodbye to traditional fireplace chimneys and hello to contemporary heating systems. Yet, many home owners continue to prefer the look and feel of a wood burning stove and want the ability to install one in their home. Luckily, there’s now a way to install a stove in a chimneyless house.

Using a twin wall flue pipe, a stove can be installed through the roof or wall of a building. If installed externally, the flue pipe will need to exit through a wall and run up the side of the building. If installed internally, the flue pipe will need to run through the inside of the building and out the roof to empty. With a twin wall flue pipe, wood burning stoves can be installed almost anywhere in the home. Even in the middle of the living room!

Which twin wall flue pipe to use

There are multiple twin wall flue pipe systems on the market, however, none are as innovative as the Schiedel ICID Plus.

Schiedel’s ICID Plus range revolutionised the industry with its 3-in-1 system. Not only suitable for traditional wood-burning stoves, this twin wall insulated chimney flue can be used for pellet stoves, biomass appliances, and condensing boilers. Available in two versions, with either a bright annealed or matt black stainless steel outer case, this twin wall flue pipe can be tailored to suit the design of any space.

Black Icid flue pipe

Black Powder Coated ICID flue pipe

The benefits of choosing the Schiedel ICID plus

Corrosion resistance

Chimneys are subject to significant levels of corrosion due to flue gas condensates, which can be particularly problematic with solid fuel appliances. That’s why the Scheidel twin wall flue has a stainless-steel inner liner, making it extremely corrosion resistant.

Thermal expansion

When a chimney heats up and cools down, it’s common for the flue pipe to expand and contract.  However, this can lead to cracks in the chimney, which pose a significant health and safety risk for users. To avoid this, the Schiedel ICID Plus has a load bearing outer case and flexible inner case, which enables the Schiedel system to effectively accommodate for thermal expansion.

Simple installation

Installing a new chimney flue has never been easier with the Schiedel ICID Plus. That’s because all joints in the ICID Plus range that require a locking mechanism have been made using a simple twist lock jointing method. It’s as easy as pushing and twisting the collars together to lock the components in place.

Lifetime Guarantee

Schiedel are confident in the design and production of their products, which is why the Schiedel ICID Plus comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means, should the flue system become defective at any point, Schiedel will provide a replacement, completely free of charge.


Shop for Scheidel at Topstak

To buy Schiedel’s ICID Plus system, head over to the Topstak website.

Topstak is one of the largest suppliers of Schiedel products in the UK. With fully stocked warehouses in Monmouth and Cowbridge, Topstak is able to distribute thousands of Schiedel ICID Plus systems across the UK. Next day delivery or collection is available across the entire Schiedel range.

For competitive trade terms, register on the Topstak trade portal or email [email protected].

10 . 08 . 2021