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30 Degree Bend – Schiedel ICID Twin Wall

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This component is used to create an offset of 30 degree, or this can be used with other elbow components to create a bigger offset.

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ICID Plus Twin Wall Flue, is ideal not only for traditional stoves but also for pellet stoves, biomass appliances, mini/micro CHP and even condensing boilers capable of withstanding positive pressure.

The system is designed so that the outer case is load bearing and the inner liner is free to expand independently, therefore thermal expansion is accommodated within each and every joint of the system.

All joints in the ICID Plus chimney range, which require a locking band, are made by means of a simple twist lock jointing method. This is achieved by pushing together the male and female collars on each end of the main chimney components and twisting the components through I/6 of a turn to lock the collars into place.

It should be noted that the female collars on elbows and tees are not barbed in order to allow for these items to be positioned according to requirements on site. In all cases the joints should be held securely in place using the locking band, which is supplied with all components with a female collar.

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Eco ICID Plus Installation Instructions

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Internal Flue Diameter

125mm (5"), 150mm (6"), 180mm (7"), 200mm (8")