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Insulated Chimney System (ICS)

With over 70 years of experience in the chimney and stoves industries, Schiedel have undoubtedly earned their title as Europe’s leading manufactures of flue-ducts.

As one of their most innovative designs to date, this Schiedel twin wall flue system is an Insulated Chimney System (ICS) made completely from stainless steel. With a simple push-fit jointing system for assembly and a straightforward disconnecting method for inspection, the ICS Schiedel twin wall flue system makes accessing your metal chimney system as easy as possible. Corrosion resistant and extremely efficient, at Topstak, we are proud to supply such an originally engineered chimney system.

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Features of a Schiedel ICS Chimney System

Schiedel’s Insulated Chimney System (ICS) has been designed and manufactured with innovative technology, creating an advanced corrosion resistant design. As the only stainless-steel system to have passed the internationally recognised GASTEC corrosion test, this Schiedel twin wall flue system has revolutionised the construction of twin wall chimneys. Due to the unique assembly method of this metal chimney system, the inner liner is able to expand and contract with the temperature, improving the flue draught and minimising condensation. Moreover, the assembly allows the flue to withstand the temperatures of an internal soot fire, prioritising safety within the design.

From the simple push-fit jointing system to the Superwool blanket for maintaining flue gas temperature, every feature in the Insulated Chimney System (ICS) works to improve the overall function of the chimney.

Applications of a Twin Wall Flue System

The Schiedel Twin Wall Flue Systems successfully meet the demands of varying appliances, making them suitable for use with a huge range of stoves, biomass appliances and open fires. To check whether the ICS metal chimney system will fit with your residential application, get in touch with Topstak to discuss your flue system options.