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Designed and handmade in Finland, Novitek hot tubs are built to withstand the coldest of northern conditions. Committed to building hot tubs that you’re able to use all year round and for years to come, Novitek prioritise the quality of the materials and technology they use, making outdoor hot tubs with exceptional longevity. Providing heat throughout every season, Novitek have utilised their expertise to create hot tubs that are well insulated, easy to use and low maintenance.

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Features of a Novitek Spa

Balancing design with function, Novitek hot tubs each come with a selection of innovative features, providing optimal heat and performance. Every hot tub produced by Novitek features thermal insulation on the walls and base, guaranteeing optimum heat no matter what the temperature is outside. Along with the insulated surround, each Novitek hot tub comes with a durable insulating cover, which keeps the water warm and ready for use. To control the heat and integrated massage systems in the hot tubs, Novitek have partnered with industry leaders Balboa to supply their spas with state-of-the-art control panels.

For an outdoor hot tub that’s ready to use and easy to operate, take a look at our range of Novitek hot tubs.

Choosing your Novitek Hot Tub

Choosing a Novitek hot tub in the UK will depend on the design, size, seating type and features you’re looking for in an outdoor hot tub. If you’re looking for a hot tub with lounge seats where you can sit back and relax, we’d recommend the Luosto hot tub or Olos hot tub. Both with dual lounger seats, these Scandinavian hot tubs have been designed to provide you with ultimate comfort when relaxing in your outdoor hot tub. However, for those wanting a more compact, ergonomic design, take a look at the Helmi hot tub. A unique ‘pearl’ shaped seating area equipped with luxurious massage jets; this outdoor hot tub is perfect for those looking for a quick dip at the end of the day.

Still not sure which hot tub is right for you? Explore our range further or get in touch for advice.