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Behind Louis Poulsen Lighting

At Topstak, we are proud to support Louis Poulsen Lighting on their mission to take modern lighting and make it central to the atmosphere of a room. To Louis Poulsen, light should both create and live harmoniously within a space, which is why their highly skilled team of craftsmen take the time to design and produce every light fixture individually. Whether it’s a modern tiered pendant light, or an elegantly angled floor lamp, Louis Poulsen are dedicated to creating light that has the ability to transform a space.

Pendant lighting and wall lamps

Whether you have a pendant light in the middle of your bedroom, or a row of wall lamps fixed around your living room, Louis Poulsen recognises that light should never overpower the rest of a room’s features. That’s why, each of their lamps are designed to diffuse softly, with zero glare.

Many of their available pendant lights utilise various layers and leaves extending from the base of the lamp to effectively diffuse and reflect the light in multiple directions. Their range of pendant lights cover all methods of light distribution and will allow you to effectively choose how and where you want the light to be focused in your space.

To really enhance all areas of your home, Topstak also supplies a variety of Louis Poulsen’s wall lamps. Fixtures including the AJ Wall, PH Hat and NJP Wall all provide the ability to adjust the direction of light to help illuminate specific areas of a room.

Take a look at Louis Poulsen’s range of pendant lights and wall lamps.

Timelessly designed table and floor lamps

Table and floor lamps are more than just ways to illuminate a dark corner.

Timelessly sophisticated, Louis Poulsen’s table and floor lamps are each built to accessorise and enhance a room with design, colour and light. From the classic NJP Table lamp, to the elegant AJ Floor lamp, with a simple flick of the switch, Louis Poulsen’s modern lamps are able to transform the ambience of a room.

Light up your home with Louis Poulsen’s floor lamps and table lamps.

Outdoor lighting solutions

At Louis Poulsen, they believe light has the ability to adjust the atmosphere of any space, be it inside or outside. That’s why they produce a range of modern bollard and wall lights to bring light back into your garden, even on the darkest of nights. Each product effectively diffuses the light to create a soft and cosy environment within the space of your garden.

Explore their range of outdoor lighting.