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24 . 03 . 2021

Let Your Hot Tub Transport You

Escape with a luxury hot tub

For many of us, the idea of going on holiday seems like both a distant memory and a far-off possibility. With no chance of us boarding a flight any time soon, we thought, why not bring the holiday to you?

At Topstak, we believe hot tubs are the perfect solution to achieving that holiday feeling, without having to pack a bag or book a flight. With hot tubs from all over the world, we’re here to transport you to a luxury destination. Simply take a look below to choose where you want to go.

Channel the beauty of Finland with a Novitek spa

Designed amongst the tall forests and calm waters of Finland, Novitek hot tubs are ideal if you’re looking to be transported to a snowy Scandinavian landscape. In a Novitek hot tub, you’ll experience true relaxation, with massage jets and lounge seats allowing you to forget the world around you and immerse yourself in the beauty of the northern night sky. And, with a supplementary heater and advanced insulation, your Scandinavian hot tub will provide the perfect amount of heat, no matter what the weather is doing around you.

To bring the stunning scenery of Finland into your garden, explore our selection of Scandinavian hot tubs. Some Novitek hot tubs even have customisable features, allowing you to curate your ideal hot tub experience.

Soak up the scenery of Canada with an Arctic Spa

Originating from the rocky terrain of Canada, Arctic Spa hot tubs are the perfect solution if you’re looking to experience the quiet, calm surroundings of the Canadian wilderness. If you close your eyes whilst soaking in your Arctic Spa hot tub, you’ll almost be able to hear the water running in a nearby stream and smell the Pine trees from a surrounding forest.

What’s more is, with a spacious Arctic Swim Spa, you can even recreate that feeling of taking a dip in the clear waters of a Canadian lake.

So, grab your swimsuit and enjoy the beauty of Canada from the comfort of your own garden with an Arctic Spa hot tub.

Bask in the English countryside with a Cotswolds Eco Tub

If you’re not looking to go too far away, why not take a trip to the beautiful English countryside with a Cotswold Eco Tub. Upon stepping into your hot tub, you’ll be transported to the picturesque Cotswolds, with rolling hills and stretching meadows, evoking that smell of freshly cut grass. Clad in wooden slats and heated using a wood-burner, with a Cotswold Eco Tub, you’ll feel fully immersed in nature.

If you’re dreaming of an evening away in the tranquil Cotswold countryside, take a look at our collection of Cotswold Eco Tubs.


From Scandinavian snowscapes to English grasslands, let yourself be transported with one of our luxury hot tubs. Explore our full selection here to choose your next destination.

24 . 03 . 2021