Space and comfort abound in this spa with one of the largest 7’ footwells in the industry. Now featuring His and Hers Shuttle Seats with with 2 more corner buckets and bench seating for a great combination of comfort and capacity for any family.

Seating Capacity: 6 adults

Jets: up to 40

Pumps: up to 3

Volume: 1360 litres

Size: W217cm x L217cm x H104cm

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Standard Features

Northern Lights color changing LED System

Northern Lights: Inspired by the Aurora Borealis of our northern winter skies, the optional Arctic Spas Northern Light system brings digital colour changes and fades to your spa. With an extensive variety of patterns and sequences, you can choose the perfect lighting scheme for your mood. The system has two light locations that work together to fill your spa with colour.

Forever Floor

Composed of SMC fiberglass composites, this floor is impervious to moisture, pests, and time. It completely
eliminates the need for foundation materials like concrete, decking, or blocks!

Western Red Cedar Cabinet with Total Access™

A cabinet designed to last as long as a totem pole. Beauty, strength and total access are built into every Arctic Spas cabinet. We construct each cabinet using Western Canadian clear red furniture grade cedar.

Digital Spa Pack and Self-Diagnostic Topside Control

Arctic Spas® Management System. Advanced technology that is easy to use and ready for the future. The standard control system available on an Arctic Spa is the Gecko brand spa pack and topside. This premium-class control system is extremely dependable, and offers good serviceability and ease of use.

Premium Aristech Acrylic with BioLock™

Arctic Spas are made with only the best quality Premium Aristech Acylic brand. All Arctic colors are infused with BioLock™, a unique antimicrobial agent.

FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System

FreeHeat® Insulation Heatlock® was already the best in the industry – we made it even better! For 2011 we have taken our insulation to the next level. Already the best insulated cabinet in the world, our Heatlock® insulation system did not escape the exacting eye of our engineers.

Low Profile Ripple Jets

These sleek jets are engineered with the same Arctic Spas® patented rotating, bearing-less Pulse™ jets with the added beauty of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Smart Filtration

This simple yet amazingly effective system uses multiple layers of different filter medias to effectively capture all sizes of particles found in spa water. We start with a very course media designed to catch large particles. We slowly decrease size of the media layers in the filter cartridge to catch the smallest particles in the water.

Adjustable Headrests

Finally A Hot Tub Headrest That Works! After years of issues dealing with poorly placed, deteriorating pillows, we believe we’ve finally come up with the ultimate hot tub pillow design. Our new telescoping design adjusts to perfectly fit varying heights of bathers.

Safety Approvals

We pride ourselves at maintaining the highest standards with our products and as such we ensure that they adhere to these set of official and recognized saftey approval standards.

Comfort and Massage

Jets And Horsepower Are A Good Start… Sport arenas, airlines and concert halls all offer a variety of seating styles – and when you have a choice, don’t you prefer to choose the most comfortable chair?

Reflex Torsion Hose

Better hot tub performance, fewer problems. Arctic Spas is the first company in the industry to use Reflex Torsion Hose in every hot tub and spa. This highly specialized pipe is designed to fit externally over rigid PVC fittings, which allows greater gluing surface, higher water flow and eliminates fitting leaks due to hose movement.

Self-Supporting “Heat Transfer” Composite Hull

Guaranteed to last a lifetime. The shell of an Arctic Spa hot tub is the core of our design, and as such, is uniquely designed to handle this function. We begin by vac-forming sheets of Premium Aristech Cast Acrylic, transferring thousands of hours of mould design and engineering into a tactile form.

Optional Features

SkyFall (Optional) Our new SkyFall® Fogger generates and cascades an ethereal mist onto the water’s surface of your Arctic Spa.

Ultimate Lighting Package

Arctic Spa lighting taken to the next level! In the Ultimate Lighting package, all jets are backlit through clear sections with technology that neither affects water flow, nor creates a leak potential. All controls and cup holders are backlit as well, and we top things off with beautiful Titanium sconces that house down light LEDs that illuminate and attractively accent our beautiful cabinets.

Family Lighting Package

We are pleased to add another lighting package to the lengthy list of options available on your Arctic Spa. The Family Lighting Package features 2 underwater lights and uses elegant backlighting of the controls and drink holders along the top lip area of our spas. Additionally, “water-rope” waterfalls are also backlit.

Corner Accent Lighting

An impressive touch which beautifully accents your cabinet and hot tubbing atmosphere. Made of polycarbonate, this upgrade is impact resistant, stands up to the elements and is available in our CUSTOM Series Hot Tubs.

Aquatremor™ Stereo System

All Arctic Spas® are available with the new Eco-Pack which has both Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity. All of your music can now stream from a Bluetooth-enabled device such as any Smartphone to your spa! If you wish to use other spa-side devices, the system can be configured with a wired connection as well – your older generation iPod, CD and TV audio all can be connected to these systems.

Spa Boy

Automated Water Testing & Management. Spa Boy addresses one of the biggest concerns people have about pool and spa ownership: water maintenance. There are many hot tub features and accessories available that help reduce the amount of time and chemical needed.

Peak Ozone System

Reliable and Highly Effective Ozone Integration. The Peak Ozone System® has been added to the internal plumbing of the spa to create the newly named Peak I System. During filtration, water moves through an area where it is exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, which provides remarkable purification and oxidation functions.

Classic No Maintenance Cabinets

Our redesigned Classic No Maintenance cabinet borrows from our tried and proven cedar cabinet – we have replicated this beautiful and functional design in 100% composite materials.

Mylovac™ “Walk on” Spa Cover

The Worlds Longest Lasting Hot Tub Cover. To top it all off, we offer an optional upgraded cover that is unlike any other in the industry. The Mylovac® cover starts with foam twice as dense as the industry average.

OnSpa® WiFi Connectivity featuring WebConnect

We offer an upgrade to our new Eco-Pack control system. This cutting-edge platform is ready for the future with a faster processor, improved relays, an Ethernet connection to access the Internet, and features huge upgradability.

YESS Oxygen Skin Therapy

YESS is a revolutionary new skin treatment system combined with an advanced ozone system, now available on Arctic Spas® Custom Series. This system saturates the water with millions of microscopic oxygen bubbles. These tiny bubbles enter your pores, attach to impurities and draw them away. It’s like giving your whole body an oxygen facial. Your skin will be left feeling soft smooth and silky.


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