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16 . 06 . 2022

How To Cool Down Your Kamado Joe Grill

how to cool down your bbq

1. Cooling your BBQ

Cooling down your Kamado Joe Grill properly is an essential part of the BBQ process.

2. Close the bottom vent

When you have completed cooking, close the bottom vent all the way and let the temperature begin to drop.

3. Adjust the top vent

Once it’s below 400 degrees, close the top vent leaving a small opening, like this.

4. Cook while cooling

If you want to make the most of your cooldown you can toast nuts or slow roast fruit the grill while it slowly cools.

5. Close and cover

When the dome is completely cool to the touch you can cover the grill but keep the latch unlocked once the grill has cooled down to help preserve the gasket.

Note that because the kimono Joe retains heat so well this can take some time.

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16 . 06 . 2022