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17 . 06 . 2022

How to Smoke using your Kamado Joe BBQ Grill

Here are a few basics for transforming the flavour of your food using smoke.

1. Smoking wood

A little smoking wood can go a long way, you do not need to see smoke coming out of the grill. In fact having too much smoking wood can cause the food to taste bitter, so start small, and add if you need to.

2. Moisture

If you’ve ever smoked food on a different cooker you might think you need to add a pan of liquid while it cooks. This is not required with a Kamado Joe as it is designed to creates a moist cooking environment that makes tender flavourful meats every time.

3. Smoking Beef

When cooking something like like a beef brisket try a
high-intensity wood like Hickory, Oak or Mesquite.

4. Smoking chicken

If you are smoking chicken a light intensity fruit wood can be a good choice, such as Cherry, Peach or Apple.

Remember you can always add more smoking wood if you need to.

5. Smoking Other

You can even smoke nuts, cheese, fruit and more on your grill for incredible flavours.

17 . 06 . 2022