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15 . 06 . 2022

How to light your Kamado Joe BBQ Grill

How to Light Your Kamado Joe Grill

1. Select your charcoal

Great flavour comes from great charcoal so consider using our Komado Joe big Block Charcoal, the handcrafted blend of Argentinian hardwoods.

(Note. Do NOT use coal, it will damage your grill and can contain high levels of sulphur and other trace metals).

2. Fill firebox

Before you can light the grill you need to fill the firebox with charcoal add the biggest chunk first then top with smaller chunks of charcoal.

3. Empty the ash draw

If you’re reusing charcoal from a previous cook use the ash tool to knock off the excess ash before lighting.

4. Add fire starters

Nestle one or two fire starters into the charcoal to get things going.

5. Open bottom vent

To feed your fire make sure the bottom vent is open all the way to increase air flow.

6. Dome Open

Now give the charcoal three to five minutes with the dome open.

7. Open top vent

When it is time to close the dome but be sure to leave the top vent open.

8. Start closing vents

Once the grill is within fifty degrees of your target temperature start gradually closing the vents until you hit your target temperature, then get ready to cook!

15 . 06 . 2022