How to get your wood burning stove ready for winter

25th Aug 2017

wood burning stove

When was the last time that you used your wood burning stove? If you haven't fired up your stove since spring, we would recommend you check it before using it regularly. Even though it is tempting to commence with the cosy nights in beside the fire, your stove might not ready for the colder weather if you haven’t done suitable checks.

At Topstak, we have a lot of experience looking after wood burning stoves, so we have put together a list of key tips for you to follow to ensure your stove well prepared for the cold days ahead. You should also make sure you have a qualified engineer servicing your stove on a regular basis, so don't forget it's important to book a stove survey.

clean chimney

1. Better call the chimney sweep

The first step to ensuring that your stove is ready for winter is to book a chimney sweep. Although we would recommend doing this during the summer, it’s not too late! You should have your chimney swept at least once a year as if your chimney isn’t cleaned this can impact the efficiency and safety of a wood burning stove. Topstak have HETAS approved and NACS registered chimney sweeps that are available to cover South Wales so please contact us to book an appointment. We also offer a range of chimney sweeping tools in our online shop to help you get your stove winter ready!

2. Check seals inside stove

If the seals of your stove are broken this can seriously affect the overall efficiency of your wood burner. The seals that should be checked include the door rope, glass gasket seal and any parts of the stove that have been sealed. It is important that seals are checked before you start using your stove again because they could be drawing air into the firebox. If you think that your seals are damaged we sell a range of door ropes and seals to ensure that you can get your stove working properly as soon as possible.

3. Paint the stove

If you want to spruce up your stove, a good idea is to give it a quick paint. Remember to prepare the surface well before you start painting and take care when you light the fire for the first time. Also, make sure your windows are open on the first fire after being painted so that any smells from the paint don’t remain in your home. If you are looking to accessorize your newly painted stove, our online store offers a whole range of stylish (and useful) stove accessories

log store

4. Buy logs and ensure they are stored correctly

Once you have checked the stove it is essential that you are stocked up on firewood. After all, if you don’t have a supply of logs you won’t be able to enjoy your wood burning stove! In our online shop and in store we have a variety of firewood at a great price! All our firewood is high quality and air-dried to ensure that it does not damage your stove. To keep the wood in good condition we would also recommend storing it in our log store. We have a range of log stores on offer, which you can browse in our online shop.

5. Check smoke alarms are working

Safety should always be your number one priority when using your wood burning stove and your smoke alarms should always be working correctly. Before lighting your wood burning stove for the first time this winter we would recommend doing a thorough check of your smoke alarms. 

If you would like more information about caring for you wood burning stove do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts will be happy to talk you through any questions and offer advice!

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