Why the Clearview Stoves are a great fit for any home

5th Dec 2017

clearview stoves

At Topstak we always make sure that our staff know everything about the products that we sell.

Consequently, our team frequently visits the manufacturers of our products, as this provides the perfect opportunity for them to find out what makes each product different. Our Showroom Manager, Matthew Young, visited Clearview Stoves' showroom in Ludlow to further his knowledge about the company. After his visit, we grilled Matthew to find out what he learned:

When did Clearview start manufacturing stoves?

The company started in 1987 and has grown considerably, as it started with just a small shop in Ludlow and then expanded to a main showroom in Dinham House, Ludlow, and other showrooms in Shropshire and Gloucestershire. Their factory also started off as an old concrete works and has now been turned into a fully working factory that employs over 50 people.

clearview stoves factory

Who is Clearview’s customer?

They sell to people like Topstak, but they also sell directly to the public. They used to sell a lot to farmers and people who had country houses, but you the Clearview stoves are so versatile they would fit into almost any environment! It does come down to the customer’s requirements, but a Clearview has many practical elements which make it very easy to use and therefore great for beginners!

What makes a Clearview stove special?

The company's motto is that they have been designed by installers for installers, so there is a lot of effort that goes into the Clearview Stove designs. For example, the stoves have adjustable door hinges and door handles, in addition to a ‘hot air wash system’ that ensures the air wash is the hottest it can possibly be. Clearview have definitely thought about every single element carefully - it isn’t just about the aesthetics, it’s more about the practicalities and how the end user is going to respond to it. What I also found out during the visit is that their stoves are made from Welsh steel and are always manufactured in the UK! 

How has Clearview Stoves changed?

Since the beginning, Clearview have been very passionate about their work and it was the founder’s mission to design stoves that had unique features. This meant that the stoves haven’t actually changed much throughout the years as he made sure that at the start they were creating stoves that ticked all the boxes. Clearview have added new stoves to their range throughout the years, but the design has remained the same at its core. 

Clearview stoves

What is your favourite Clearview stove?

Personally, I never like to say I have a favourite, but I quite like the 8kw Clearview Vision, as it has a very good size firebox, an adequate heat output and it can fit a reasonable size log.

What is next for Clearview?

They are always creating new stoves, but only time will tell what models they bring out next!

If you would like to know more about Clearview Stoves, we have a range on display in our Cowbridge and Monmouth showrooms.

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